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Calm down, Peeta

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Most of you know I’ve been bullied. It’s not a secret and I’m not ashamed of being a victim however when people who have not been bullied talk about how to solve it like they’ve been bullied, it hurts.

The other day, NigaHiga put up a video about cyber bullying which ultimately went to talking about bullying in general and how to solve bullying. He went into saying that talking in a lecture that in front of his whole school to stop bullying did not work and rather we should teach those who are victims how to deal with it.

I went onto say that’s wrong and you’re putting the fault onto the victim that it’s their own responsibility to deal with bullying and their emotions. My friends went to disagree. They said that telling people to stop bullying won’t do anything and we should just do that.

It hurts to know that people who have never dealt with bullying, or even a long ass period of depression caused by other people know how to solve this problem. Holy hell I don’t remember how many times people told me to stand up for myself, to ignore them and to be strong.

Did it work? Hell no. I’m still the pessimistic asshole I was in middle school. I can never go back to my third grade self. The girl who was the nicest person, would give food to others and so optimistic. I was a dumb girl, or so I think. Honestly I think if I was never bullied I would have ended up a lot better. Telling a kid to think of themselves highly when they are continually getting put down never works. How can we credit ourselves with this fake mentality when there are others ridiculing you. That’s why I have a shitty confidence level. I set things to the lowest standard so I never get disappointed about these high standards I made for myself.

I think it’s dumb that people don’t think calling out the bully doesn’t work. Yeah it’s true, bullying will happen no matter how much we try to prevent it but so will alot of other bullshit in this world. We have a poverty level for a reason, I mean even in the best of times in America there was a poverty level but it was a low one. That’s what I and many other people wish for. If what we do, the little things we do helps one less kid of thinking they’re alone, one less kid who doesn’t get bullied, one less kid ending fucked up in the future then I will be happy. If there is one less kid who ends up like me, I’d be happy. If you find #stopbullying annoying and that it does nothing you’re wrong. At least someone is trying. People in elementary school knew I was getting bullied and did jack shit. If I saw that at least I know that there’s at least one person that would have stopped me from getting one mean insult, one shove, one less anonymous message online, maybe I wouldn’t have ended so fucked up. I wish that anyone who is feeling absolutely shitty right now, it gets better and that the people around you are fucked up, and nothing is wrong with you just everyone else. Even people who stand there and watch you get bullied are fucked up because they rather stand there than stop someone from growing up fucked up like me. Thanks for hearing my rant for the day this made me feel a shit ton happier.

August 20, 2014

As most of you know, my blog isn’t really to inspire anything or to find people who can relate and comfort me. For me this blog is where I feel I can get out my thoughts because everywhere else it is looked at with doubt. It’s like writing a diary, getting your emotions out so that it doesn’t hurt anyone else. However you have others who are not in your life who can look at it and know that there are actually people who get into stupid situations and have unnecessary feelings. It’s kinda why when I meet people in real life and they want to follow me on tumblr I get super scared cause it’s like putting your diary out there. Your deepest thoughts, feelings, rants, loves and hates. I mean I do have a select few people who I feel I will never write about and those are my followers. Also kinda glad tumblr died out a bit because the people I wanted to write about followed me, so I was capped up for a while about how I felt.

August 20, 2014

Learn how to say sorry instead of victimizing yourself. Assholes.